Devin Booker Makes 19 Consecutive 3s in 59 Seconds!

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Devin Booker Trae Young

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Another day of training camps, another video of a NBA player showing how lights out NBA players are when they don’t have anybody guarding them.  But today’s video showcases what a player who can shoot lights out in a game can do when he’s shooting without any pressure.

This is also a good time to share a recent cool story about Devin Booker that came from a Trae Young interview with the The USA Today.

And the award for Best Story goes to… “Coach Cal. He told me a story about when they were recruiting Devin Booker it was understood that he was going to be on a three-year plan. He was gonna be there three years and then he was gonna leave for the NBA. His parents knew that and everything. Well, Coach Cal put him through a couple workouts when he got there and called his dad and said, “He’s gone this year. He’s out. He’s not coming back.” It was crazy because Coach Cal said his dad was still saying he planned on being there three years, but Coach Cal said no he was gone. He ended up being a lottery pick and he’s gonna be a franchise player. He just knew after a workout or two. Crazy.”

And this is a good time for me to show some of Booker’s best plays and performances from last season.