Did Deron Williams Overreact To This Foul During the Blazers/Mavs Tech Fest?

Do you think C.J. McCollum intentionally tried to undercut Deron Williams on this foul or was he just falling and tried to grab on to somebody before falling? Do you think Deron Williams overreacted or had a right to be pissed since he was in the air and couldn’t see where C.J was? Do you think it was fair of the refs to give both of them techs?

The refs were pretty quick on the tech trigger all night: Less than 20 seconds after the double tech, Salah Mejri got one for arguing with the stripes; In the 3rd quarter, coach Carlisle got one for the same reason; Then in the 4th quarter, J.J. Barea was given a tech for slapping Gerald Henderson’s hands.

Between those calls and all of the booing for former Blazer Raymond Felton, the game, which was won by the Blazers, turned out to be a pretty emotional one.