Diddy, his new water, their new hoop commercial & the 8 best ankle breakers by girls

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Sean Combs fka P. Diddy aka Puffy Daddy aka Puffy has had huge success in music, film, clothing (Ok, the Dallas Mavs alternative uniforms weren't the greatest) and even Vodka, so now he's on a mission to add water to his success portfolio which will surely be a case study at the future business school that Combs hopes to open one day.

AQUAhydrate is that new thirst quenching fitness water that you will probably see in the hands of Combs (and partner Mark Whalberg) at events and talk show appearances.  His plan is to get it into the hands of casual drinkers and athletes that are drinking the sugar filled Gatorade and Vitamin Water and also in the hands of people that drank a little too much of his Ciroc the night before.

This week they released a new commercial aimed at Ballers.  The video takes its twist from the banned 1997 Prodigy video "Smack my B*** up" by showing (spoiler alert!) that the POV in the video belongs to a woman.  The concept has been done a couple of times but never in sports which made it a pleasant surprise especially since we are seeing more and more females generating viral worthy highlights and sometimes against guys.


In honor of these females and Women's History Month, here's 8 of my favorite ankle breaking moves by them.

and we can't talk about female ballers without me showing you Brittney Griner with a 360 dunk.



Back to Diddy, I remember about 10 years ago he was saying he was interested in getting involved with the Knicks and felt he could help the struggling franchise.

"I think I could do a good job," Combs said "I'm publicly puttin' it out there, because they're not taking my calls.

"I think [they need] some new blood up in there... I'm not saying let's get rid of the owners, I'm saying put me down. Put me in the game... Because it's not going down right now."

Well, things still aren't going down and if Puff is able to duplicate the success he's had with most of his ventures then I think they should accept that call.

I know it was Rucker Park, but he was able to recruit Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett and Joe Smith to play on his Bad Boy team and then in 98 he coached the team to a Championship.




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