Dirk Nowitzki continues to show love for David Hasselhoff by performing “Looking for Freedom”

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Dirk Nowitzki

Depending on how old you are, you probably remember The Hoff for different things.

If you were an 80’s kid then he’s “Knight Rider.” If you were a 90’s kid then he’s Mitch from “Baywatch” and you are now visualizing Pam Anderson, Gena Lee Nolin, Tracy Bingham and this one other super hot blonde girl jogging on the beach in slow motion.

If you are younger then you might remember a drunk David Hasselhoff eating a cheeseburger in a sad viral youtube video from around 2007.  Some younger sports fans might only know the original (even sadder) film version of Nick Fury as the singer people like to tease Dirk Nowitzki about.

Dirk was a recent guest on the German talk show “My Spass” and he continued to show his love for the Hoff by covering “Looking For Freedom”, which was a hit 25 years ago, and yeah it’s pretty awesome…but not as awesome as this.

or this

or this

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