Dirk Nowitzki didn’t want to celebrate his “ugly” game winning shot vs the Knicks

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Carmelo Anthony Dirk Nowitzki

Last month Mark Cuban said Dirk can sign and re-sign for as long as he wants and the 35 year Nowitzki said he plans on extending his contract for 2 – 3 more years.

“As long as the body supports me, it is still fun to play basketball. After the new contract I will be 38 or 39 and I will probably stop. For a few years it will work out all right”

I can’t imagine the 16 year vet saying watching a game winner take a lucky bounce before burying the Knicks wasn’t fun and incentive to keep playing but the always amusing Dirk had a fun take on the buzzer beater.

“I didn’t even feel like celebrating it was so ugly,” Nowitzki said. “Basically it hit the board, every part of the rim, hit Jerry West over there (the logo on the backboard), came back over and it was definitely an ugly, ugly shot.”

Mark Cuban was a little more excited.

Here’s one guy that didn’t enjoy Dirk’s “ugly” game winner over Melo.

“It was like a needle in a balloon right there,” Carmelo Anthony said. “It sucks all the air out of you. He hit a hell of a shot.”


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