How Dirk Nowitzki influenced Miley Cyrus

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Dirk Nowitzki

The MJ tribute video was trash. Her photoshoot with Terry Richardson was trashier. The Rolling Stones interview was as interesting as her beef with Sinead O’Connor. Her SNL appearance and interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show…was actually amusing.

So who can we blame for the 2013 slutty version of Hannah Montana.  The main person is us. Once her Disney days were up, she tried to stay with her fan base, but as wholesome Miley Cyrus and nobody cared.  We didn’t buy her solo album, we LOL at the thought of seeing her movies like LOL and then LOL more when we heard she was complaining about not getting film roles going to hotter and more talented Disney vets.  So in the current over sexual music industry, the best thing she could do was get rid of her management and entourage, hire the man that made Britney Spears more popular with a more sexy persona and reinvent herself as a slutty $5 bad girl Rihanna rip-off that goes against everything her $5 billion Disney image stood for.   That includes twerking and wearing practically nothing in every print and video appearance, cursing on horrible records and sticking her tongue out every chance she can.

The tongue is not another homage to the GOAT.  It’s an homage to the Great Dirk Nowitkzi.  Jason Gallagher of put together a nice set of images showcasing how Miley was able to duplicate Dirk’s use of his tongue for every emotion so we can now add Miley Cyrus on the blame Dirk list – right under changing the big man game and making every power forward want to be a shooter.


The “Get-On-My-Level” Tongue

Dirk Miley6

The Side Tongue

Dirk Miley7

The Trophy Tongue

Dirk Miley2

The Subtle Tongue

Dirk Miley14

The “I’m on the Ground.  Deal With It” Tongue

Dirk Miley3

The “Catching Raindrops. NBD” Tongue

Dirk Miley4

The “No YOU’RE Stupid” Tongue

Dirk Miley9

The Sleepy Tongue

Dirk Miley15 (1)

The “I’ve Gone Completely Insane” Tongue

Dirk Miley13

The “Hungry.  Please Feed Me” Tongue

Dirk Miley5

The “Look at How Silly I am” Tongue

Dirk Miley10

The Stanky Face Tongue

Dirk Miley

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