Disconnected Controller: Otto Porter Freezes During the Bulls Game

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Otto Porter


My favorite all-time glitch in a video game is the Jesus Bynum glitch from the infamous NBA Elite 11 (if you have a copy, I’ll pay you $1k for it today). The glitch causes Andrew Bynum to stop at mid-court, freeze and do his best Jesus on a cross impersonation. The only thing more amusing and/or confusing than watching a player in a video game freeze like this is when you see a player in a real game freeze as if someone just disconnected the controller that was controlling him. That’s what it looked like last night when Otto Potter froze in the final minute of the Wiz/Bulls game as his man, Tony Snell, got open for a shot.  Thankfully Snell didn’t hit the shot but his teammate, Pau Gasol, got the rebound and hit a pair of game-clinching free throws.

Despite the glitch, Otto did put up some quality stats with 11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 3-pointers in the Wizards loss.

But hey, these disconnected glitches even happen to the best of players.