Disgusting fans in Chicago cheer at LeBron’s injury

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Earlier today I posted a video of a guy getting dunked on and instead of techs being thrown because of taunting by the dunker or a retaliation from the defender, the defender gave the dunker some dap and the game went on.  That was an example of great sportsmanship.  Now here’s an example of poor stupid ass sportsmanship by a bunch of disgusting Bull’s fans.

Down by 16 with 7 minutes left in the game, Nate Robinson fouled LeBron on a break which caused James to limp along the sideline.  As soon as he started limping the roar of the crowd hit a high as they were cheering that he was possibly hurt.  You would think they would be a little more compassionate considering their best player is out for the season with an injury.

Not only do I expect LeBron to play in the next game but I expect him to have another hot shooting fantasy monster game.


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