Disrespectful! Derrick Rose Tears His ACL Running Down The Court In NBA2k17

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Jamal Crawford Derrick Rose

I don’t know what’s more disrespectful: Sport Illustrated leaving Derrick Rose off the Top 100 players of the 2017 season or this NBA2k17 video of Rose tearing his ACL in a game and falling down in front of his Super Team’s bench? As a Rose fan, I’m going to have to say SI because they also left Jamal Crawford (the 6th man of the year with multiple game-winners last season isn’t 1 of the top 100 players in the league?) off the list and because this video (along with the commentary) had my cracking up.

Just as disrespectful is the TV show Highly Questionable showing the video with the tagline, “Plus, Is NBA 2K17 the most realistic video game yet?”