DJ Stephens Reenacts Vince Carter Jumping Over Fred Weis, Wins French Dunk Contest

On September 25th of 2000, the greatest dunk of all-time happened and most of the world had no idea until the next morning. That next morning is when I recorded Vince Carter jumping over 7’2 Frederic Weis during the local Houston NBC news and uploaded it to a website called Within a couple of hours, the video spread to message boards, chat rooms and P2P networks. The clip was so popular it crashed, one of the most popular hoop websites back then.

On December 29th of 2017, Vince Carter’s former high-flying Grizzlies teammate DJ Stephens brought out Weis during the NBA2k18 Dunk Contest in France and remixed Carter’s “Dunk of Death.”

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You can check out Stephens — who recorded a NBA draft record 46-inch vertical at a combine back in 2013 — and his other contest-winning dunks below this great video of him and Vince Carter discussing each other’s dunks back in 2016.