Doc Rivers’ Emotional Speech To the Clippers After Game 7

Gene Hackman in ‘Hoosiers,’ Al Pacino in ‘Any Given Sunday,’ Kurt Russell in ‘Miracles,’ and now Doc Rivers after losing Game 7 to the Rockets.  The big difference between between Doc’s motivational speech and the others is Doc didn’t have a screenwriter and he only had one take to deliver his emotional speech to his real players who really have to deal with the outcome of the game for the rest of their lives.

Via Arash Markazi

“I told them I was a player for 13 years, and I had my heart broken for 13-straight years. I told them, every night I prayed, every single night, my only goal was to win a world championship. Every year, I’d give my heart completely to the team, and every year, it got completely broken. I told them it was worth it. I told them it’s so worth it to buy in and give yourself to a team. And, this is part of sports. Only one winner, if we didn’t win this round or the next, it wouldn’t have mattered. But, it’s worth giving yourself to the team. It’s worth getting your heart broken and taking all the criticism. It should excite you. It does to me. I told them that. I’m broken up right now, but in my mind, I’m already thinking about next year. You just have to get back on. That’s going to be us, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Great speech by the man who had equally great advice at half-time.