Doc Rivers Jokes With Heckling Fans About Hack-A-Shaq Strategy “I Don’t Hear Y’all Crying Now”

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DeAndre Jordan

“Kevin and I have the truce going of it will be the ‘no hack-a-series,'” said Doc Rivers before GM1 vs the Rockets. “or it will be ‘all-hacka-series.'”

Well, after GM1 it looks like we might be having a “all-hacka-series” since both coaches used the strategy throughout the night intentionally sending players like Josh Smith, Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan to the line.

Doc even joked with some Rockets fans after McHale sent Jordan to the line.

“Hey, I don’t hear y’all crying now!” 

Smith was 2 of 4, Howard 4 of 9 and the Clippers Jordan was 6 of 11.