Donovan Mitchell Shows Off His Hops While The Jazz Mascot Showed Off His Kidnapped Kid

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Besides having one of the best rookie showings of the season so far, Utah Jazz rookie/steal Donovan Mitchell has some of the best hops in the league. We learned about his hops during his high school days, especially when he competed against Derrick Jones Jr in our 2015 Ballislife All-American Game Dunk Contest. He showed a bunch of defenders those poster-making hops during his time at the University of Louisville. And on Tuesday, he showed off those hops when he threw down a windmill dunk against the Nuggets (and Malik Beasley, who also competed against Mitchell in our dunk contest).

Before we were able to celebrate and comment on the windmill, the Jazz mascot hijacked the highlight by walking along the baseline with a stolen, dead kid on his shoulder. Obviously, the kid wasn’t really dead but the sight of a kid hanging off the shoulders of a man in a bear suit did create a shocking (and hilarious in a sick way) image that made us forget all about Mitchell’s windmill.

The Pennywise bear wasn’t the only “rewind that back” image on the sidelines, Rudy Gobert and his unbuttoned “steal yo girl” cheetah shirt also generated a few laughs and comments on social media.


Back to Mitchell and his hops, he finished the game with 16 points and is averaging 17.6 points, 4.1 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 1.5 steals in the month of November.  After his full game highlights against the Nuggets, you can check out his Top 10 Dunks from his college days and a throwback video of the 2015 Ballislife All-American game with him and Malik Beasley (and WCW favorite Rachel DeMita judging).