Don’t Underestimate Alex Caruso’s Hops!

The only thing that seems to shock people more than the fact that the Lakers Alex Caruso can and will put a defender on a poster is the fact that he’s only 23 years old. I’m saying “only” because his math teacher looks makes him look like he’s old enough to be coaching with still coaching Luke Walton.

The other shocking fact about his age is he’s a rookie and was born three years before Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Ivaca Zubac (all three were DNPs in the shocking win over the Pacers).

For members of the Caruso’s Crusaders (unofficial fan club), none of these facts are shocking because we remember him throwing down impressive dunks long before his dunk by Victor Oladipo or his New Years’s eve poster dunk on PJ Tucker. We remember his D-League dunk exhibitions and this impressive behind-the-back move and poster from his Aggie days.