Image of the Day: Dorell Wright & his barber + Wright’s Inkwork

I’m not making fun of his barber but I really can’t tell if he has 1 arm or if his arm behind his back like Morpheus for some reason.

Anyways, he might have a fresh new cut but it’s his ink work that really impresses me. Here’s Inked Mag’s write up about Wright’s tats.

The “G.H.O.S.T.” tattoo circling Dorell Wright’s left shoulder is one of his most recognizable pieces. “I know that pops out because I see that one on the video games,” says the 76ers forward. And “ghost” seems an appropriate emblem of Wright’s game. On the offensive end, he’s able to float out beyond the three-point line, quietly setting himself up to score; defensively, he is a relentless, nimble, inescapable force haunting his opponents into giving up the ball. But for Wright, the tattoo means something else: “It’s something me and one of my closest friends thought of, Go Hard Or Stop Trying.”




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