Double FAIL: Aaron Brooks Missing Ramon Sessions Missing A Wide-Open Dunk

This play from the Bulls Aaron Brooks and the Wizards Ramon Sessions might land both of them on next week’s Shaqtin’ a Fool.  Ramon gets the nomination for missing a wide-open dunk and Brooks gets consideration for not paying attention and realizing Ramon missed the dunk which was picked up by the trailing Garret Temple, who had no issues throwing down a dunk.

Despite this FAIL of a play, both Sessions and Brooks were productive for their teams.  Sessions scored 16 in 24 minutes and Brooks was 4 of 7 from the field in just 16 minutes.


The best thing about this video is it gives me an excuse to go jump back almost exactly 2 year ago to January 18th of 2014 when Ramon Session dunked on LeBron James.

And when LeBron gets dunked on, I have to bring out the Froggy Fresh!
“Why James crying, cause he just got dunked on!”