TMI: Dr J explains in his new book that his daughter was conceived because her mother had braces

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Julius Erving has a new autobiography and like all auto bios there’s going to be a lot of information that some would consider TMI and shocking. But if the book didn’t contain those trivial bits then it wouldn’t sell and  I have a feeling that this bit from the book about his daughter, tennis player Alexandra Stevenson, will create some buzz and pre-order sales.  Erving explains how Stevenson was only conceived because her “smart, pretty white, hippie” mom, who was covering the 76ers for Sport Magazine,  had recently paid a visit to her Dentist.

“She becomes someone who helps me unwind if I’m feeling high-strung or stressed. I can drive over and spend a relaxing evening that might even include oral sex,” Erving writes. “I can only remember one time that we actually had intercourse, and that was because she had just gotten this new orthodontia to straighten her teeth. With wire and gleaming metal bristling in her mouth, oral sex was not an option.”

He also talked about how guilty he felt in 1999 when Alexandra had to deal with a media storm because of him.

“I’ve paid a terrible price for my sins and there is some justice in that. But should Alexandra have had to pay a price? What sin did she commit?”

The book drops this Tuesday and I’ll be sure to pick up a hardcover at Barnes and Noble (No I don’t and will never own a Kindle or ever give up the joy of turning real pages in a book for a PDF or any other digital file).

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