Drake Take shots at Jay Z,ASAP Rocky and Chance- Draft Day

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Check out this new track by the prince of YMCMB.  After the release of his very successful album Nothing Was The Same Drake has still been blessing us with hot new music. From Trophy’s to “We made it” Drake has been on his A-Game.  Aside from the name droppings of his friend Johny Manzeil and the potential number one lottery pick Andrew Wiggins, Drake spit a few subliminal bars taking shots at some of hip hops elites. One of the artist he subliminally mentioned was none other then the hip hop god himself Jay Z. In case you haven’t heard Jay released a track dissing Drake and calling him misses Drizzy.


“Sorry Misses Drizzy for so much Art Talk silly me to rap about sh*t that i really bought,

while these rappers rap about gun that they aint shot

and a bunch of other bull sh*t that they aint got”

Why is Jay so mad? In A recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Drake mentioned that “Jay Z’s art references are getting corny”. So of course HOV wasn’t going to let that one slide. Drake also took a subliminal jab at New York rapper ASAP Rocky.” What happened to so in so where did they go?Too busy worried about B**** and Fashion they go missing in Action”. Upon his release ASAP Rocky was considered one of the most fashionable artist in the game. He even went the distance in saying he has the most swag in the game. Bur after his debut album we have yet to hear any new material from Pretty Flacko.  And According to Drake he doesn’t Know Chance The Rapper so we will let you be the judge on whether he’s dissing him or not. What do you think about Drake and his recent actions?




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