Drake talks Raptors Best Franchise Moments with Jalen & Bill Simmons

Drake stops by the Grantland studio to talk about the best and worst moments in Toronto Raptors history.  The big question was “If the Raptors make the conference finals, would that be the greatest moment in Toronto basketball history?”

Unless they go to the NBA Finals, I don’t see the current Raptors doing anything that can match the pride and frenzy for Vince Carter during the Vinsanity years.

My personal top 5

  1. Vince Carter winning the dunk contest
  2. Vince Carter’s rookie season
  3. Damon Stoudamire rookie season (beating the Bulls)
  4. Drafting DeMar DeRozan
  5. Laughing at most of the other top Raptor draft picks (Araujo, Bradley, Radojevic)



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