Draw My Life: Anderson Varejão life story & how he thought he was going to be a Laker

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Yesterday, Adidas showed us Dikembe Mutombo’s life journey to the NBA in an animated short film and now we have Brazil’s Anderson Varegjao’s life story told through a series of hand drawn pictures.  The purpose of these “Draw My Life” videos, which was released by the Rio 2016 YouTube channel, is to promote Brazilian  athletes that will be representing host Brazil in the 2016 Olympics but there’s a couple of entertaining parts in the video for NBA fans.

The funniest moment is when he talks about draft night and how he thought he was going to the Lakers but ended up being drafted by the Magic and traded to the Cavs to play for LeBron.  The guy that actually was drafted by LA in this moment was Sasha Vujacic.

I was kind of hoping to see this moment illustrated with some funny commentary.

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Source: Pro Basketball Talk 

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