Draymond Green & Andre Drummond Trash-Talking After Dray Blocks Dre

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Draymond Green Andre Drummond

With 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter of the Warriors and Pistons game, Draymond Green swatted a shot by Andre Drummond and then had a few words for Dre. Dre had a few things to say back and I’m not sure what those words were but considering the Pistons were leading by 23 and Dre was on his way to another double-double with 20+ boards, all Dre had to say was look up at the scoreboard.

As for Draymond, he was on his way to a 1 and 7 night with a tech.

Personally, I was kind of hoping the two got into a fight just so Ben Wallace, who was there for his jersey retirement, would step in the middle and hold back both players with 1 arm each.

I’m also personally hoping the two are on their way to the NBA All-Star game next month.  Draymond is in without a question but hopefully fans and coaches don’t forget about Dre – Eminem hasn’t.