Draymond Green Called LeBron A “B*tch” & Hit Him In The Groin After LeBron Stepped Over Him

Going into game 4 on Friday, Draymond Green was 1 flagrant and/or two techs away from being suspended for a game. Lucky for him, the refs have no intentions of calling either on him and outside of recreating the Malice in the Palace, the league has no intentions of suspending him during the playoffs.

Late in the 4th quarter of that game, Draymond got tangled up with LeBron. fell and gave LeBron the perfect opportunity to disrespect Draymond (and Tyronn Lue) by recreating the Iverson step-over. Draymond didn’t appreciate the AI homage, hit LeBron in the groin and called him a “bitch.”

A double foul was eventually called by the refs as the two all-star continued to go at. If this was two scrubs, a double tech would have been called by the stripes without any hesitation.

After the game, LeBron talked about the altercation and sounded like he believes Draymond should be suspended but doesn’t expect the league to do it.

You know, Draymond just said something that I don’t agree with. I’m all cool with the competition. I’m all fine with that, but some of the words that came out of his mouth were a little bit overboard, and being a guy with pride, a guy with three kids and a family, things of that nature, some things just go overboard and that’s where he took it, and that was it.

Well, I don’t know what should happen. It’s not my call. That’s the league office. They’ll take a look at it. We all saw it in the locker room. You know, like I said, as a competitor, I love going against Draymond, and I’m all about going out there and leaving it out on the floor. But when it gets a little bit more than what it should be, that’s what caused me to have words with him. So as far as the play, I think the league will take a look at it. Obviously our locker room has seen it, and we’ll see what they say.

A much happier sounding Draymond also talked about the incident after the Warriors win with Charles Barkley and the NBA TV crew.

I felt he stepped over me. You aren’t going to just step over me. We had our words and it is what it is, I don’t care who you are, i’m not going to back down from you. It is what it is.

The response was met with approval by Barkley who said, “Draymond could play back in our day when we had actual real basketball toughness.