Draymond Green Gets Into Altercation With OJ Mayo & Middleton After Warriors Revenge Game

You can add Draymond Green to the Don’t Touch My Head Club which was founded by Chris Paul. Green joined the club on Friday night after a post-game altercation with the Bucks OJ Mayo.

It all started when Mayo confronted Green about some comments he made about Michael Carter-Williams to the media earlier in the week.

“I told [Green] he’s a heck of a player, but at the end of the day, that’s my teammate,” Mayo said. “Just respect my teammate as well as we respect you guys, and some things you shouldn’t say in the media. Show your class, you know.”

“You talk about one guy’s class, and then you go the same route. Not a class act.”

When Mayo put his hand on Green’s head, Green pushed his arm away which led to Kris Middleton pushing Green in the back. The players were quickly separated to make sure the post-game drama didn’t escalate.

“I’m not really into talking about what guys say. What you think he said he may not have said or he may have said,” said Green, who flirted with a triple double of  21/9/8. “Just, ain’t no man going to touch my head. I’m a grown man. That’s all I’ve got for you.”

“Once again, I’m not going to go into what he said, what you think he may have said, he may have said or may not have said, but no man is going to touch my head. Point blank.”

Green also let the media know why he wasn’t satisfied with revenge on the Bucks.

“I’m not satisfied because I thought we should have been better,” Green said. “We’re a long way past trying to beat the Milwaukee Bucks in December. We’re trying to compete for a championship.”

Source: ESPN