Draymond Green Loses It After Curry Passes To Durant Near The End of Warriors 4th Quarter Collapse

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After blowing most of their 24-point second half lead against the Grizzlies, the Warriors had a chance with 37 seconds left in regulation to push their lead back to four or five. Curry, who finished with a game-high 40 points, gave up the ball to a ball-calling Kevin Durant, which caused Draymond Green to visibly flip out. After a 3-point miss by Durant, Green shook his head on his way to the bench, then yelled at Durant for a few seconds before exchanging a high-five. Mike Conley then forced OT with a 17-foot jumper and the Grizzlies outscored the Warriors 17-8 in the extra session.

"I'm actually happy we lost today because there are some things that we need to correct, in order to win a championship. That's our goal, so winning every regular season game really don't matter. " Said Green after the game. "I'm kind of thrilled that we lost."

Green went on to talk about how atrocious the Warriors' offense has been in the fourth quarter of a lot of recent games and how people only talk about the ones that end in losses.

Kevin Durant also talked about the final play in the fourth and said Green was upset because he thought the Warriors should have stuck with the pick and roll and did not single out the 3-point miss.