Draymond Green Passes An Imaginary Joint To Steph Curry On The Bench

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Stephen Curry Draymond Green

On Wednesday night, the Golden State Warriors tied the very, very, very underrated 1995/96 Orlando Magic team for the 2nd longest home winning streak (40) in NBA history after giving the Dallas Mavs a 20 point beatdown. Klay Thompson did most of the damage with 45 points, while Draymond Green and Steph took it easy by combing for just 24 points and 13 assists.  Green had just 4 of those 9 dimes but did have the pass of the night when he passed a joint to Curry on the bench!

Obviously it wasn't really a joint and i'm just playing around but I am glad it wasn't Klay Thompson in this clip, because then we would talking about how he got high during his season-high and he does have a little bit of history when it comes to getting high. I'm not judging, because the guy once scored 37 points in a quarter and with Hannah Stocking, so that makes him a role model in my book.

But I still can't get behind those Anta shoes. Sorry!