Draymond Green Responds To Comedian Who Tweeted "I Hope Draymond Gets Shot In The Face"

This is my pinned tweet on my personal account. It's a clip from the hilarious and sometimes controversial TV show Family Guy. In it, two of the characters reenact the awesome church shootout scene from the first Kingsman movie after they are confronted by the "sensitivity mob" about an "insensitive tweet (in a post joke world)" their dog made. My caption is "Me vs all the oversensitive people on Twitter."

Obviously, I don't really want to shove a piece of glass in the face of trolls hiding their face behind a screen and a keyboard. It's just me saying, in general, people on social media are way too sensitive and extreme. Joking or not, if you do or say something that someone else disagrees with, you will probably get a ton of replies from people calling you a "hater" or hoping you die and burn in hell. Sometimes those people mean it and other times they are just trying to get a reaction. Either way, it's ridiculous.

With that said, sometimes a "joke" can go too far.

On Sunday, a comedian named Andew Polk took Charles Barkley's "I hope someone punches Draymond Green in the face" comment to a new level by tweeting, "I hope Draymond Green gets shot in the face as soon as he leaves the arena, which looking at the city-wide stats, is like 37%."

After the game, Green was asked about the knucklehead's tweet.

"If he feels the need to do something like that about basketball, then I feel bad for him," Green said. "It's kind of sad that someone would take this that serious. When you're talking, at the end of the day, what's a game. Making death threats, talking about life. I just pray that he gets the help that he needs."

"I personally, No. 1, don't worry about it. No. 2, don't care that much about it, and I care a lot about basketball. ... Being that we're in it every day, we're literally blood, sweat and tears in this every day and it don't matter that much to me, it shouldn't matter that much to him either."

Before having his account deactivated, Polk tweeted this apology: "Draymond, I tweeted a very dumb thing meant to be an edgy joke. As a frustrated basketball fan, I go through ups and downs, and as a comedian, I don't always express those in a digestible way. I wish no harm to anyone over a simple game, and I apologize sincerely."

Green replied to the apology by saying, "and you could've saved your wasted time on that apology."

Teammate David West replied to the apology with a couple of words we all wanted to say to Polk: "MAN FUCK U."


If you want to hear a funny comedian joke about Draymond Green, here's a clip from Equanimity by Dave Chappelle, who said in the same special: “It’s too hard to entertain a country whose ears are so brittle. Motherfuckers are so sensitive; the whole country has turned to bitch ass niggas.”

Source: NY Daily News