Draymond Green With Back-to-Back Triple Doubles, Top 10 Player?

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Draymond Green Jerry West

Earlier in the week, Jerry “The Logo” West called Draymond Green the “most underrated player in the NBA, period” and said “if he’s not a top 10 player in this league, I don’t know who is.”

One thing I’ve learned over the decades of basketball I’ve watched is to never ever question Jerry West so if he says Draymond is top 10, I’m going to agree. Hell, if he said Draymond was the best player in the league I’m still going to agree even if I disagree…if that makes any sense.

After those statements went public on Friday and people on social media debated, Green put up a triple double (14/10/10) against the Suns – his 2nd triple double of this month.  Then on Saturday, Green put up another triple double with 13 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds to go with 4 blocks and a steal against the Kings.

He’s currently 4th on the team in scoring (12.8) and first in rebounds (8.1) and assists (7.1) and the team is 18-0.  I’ll go with top 10.