Drummond blocks Jabari Parker, catches an oop, falls, gets up & falls again!

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Jabari Parker Andre Drummond


Andre Drummond made 2 fantastic plays in a row in this sequence but will probably still end up on Shaqtin’ a Fool.  After a a nice block on Jabari Parker, Drummond outran everybody and found himself wide open for an alley-oop dunk which he threw down and then fell down.  Then as Drummond got up and started to run he slipped and fell again. You could just hear the crowd go from Oh! Damn! LOL! within a few seconds.

Drummond also had a game-high 23 points to go with 10 rebounds and 2 blocks in the Bucks loss.  The best part about Drummond’s performance was seeing him make 11 of 15 shots. After 2 years of shooting 60%, he’s shooting .434 so far this season. I’m expecting him to be at or near 60% by the end of the season.