Student gets dunked on during class | History of the Dunk Cam

It all started back in May when 2 kids came up with this idea to dunk on people in the school hallways by having 1 guy hold up a trash can while the other dunks on the unsuspecting victim.

Like the Harlem Shake, everybody everywhere including NBA players like DeAndre Jordan (dunking on Charissa Thompson) started making their own versions of the viral video. Labeled the “Dunk Cam,” the craze spilled over into the workplace and home life where everybody from co-workers to parents were getting dunked on.

Last month, ESPN followed Orlando Magic rookie Victor Oladipo and Bobcat rookie Cody Zeller around the NBA rookie shoot as of course they attempted to make a few dunk cam videos of their own.

But the best Dunk Cam yet (this is going to be hard to top) comes courtesy of this entire classroom that setup that one guy who is always late to class.


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