Dunk Fails: White Men Really Can't Jump

Check out Billy Doran, Daniel Hyde and Chase Skinkis keeping that Billy Hoyle spirit alive by showing "White Men Can't Jump."

Well, just attempting a between the legs dunk over somebody standing up requires some impressive hops and the three stooges in this video are all well known dunkers in the dunk community.  The guy with the biggest dunk fails in the video, Billy Doran, is actually the guy that put out this mix via his well known dunk channel called Dunkademics.

What a lot of people don't realize is how many misses and dunk fails are edited out of most of the dunk montages you watch on Youtube.  Some of these 2 minute mixes are made out of 2 hours or more of footage.  Stating that fact isn't meant to knock any of the dunkers you see in these video, but the online viewers, that are too critical of dunkers when they do attempt some of the following crazy contest worthy dunks and miss at live events.

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