Dunk fest with 3 short white guys / J-Kills kills the 360 between the legs dunk!

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Check out the latest video from Project Vertical with 3 guys that would make Sydney Dean lose his cut of the winnings.

6’1″ Jordan “J-Kill” Kilganon of Sudbury, On (20 yrs Old)
5’11” Tyler “Jukebox” Ray of Windsor, ON (29 yrs Old)
6’4″ Giulio Mazzella of Montreal, Quebec (20 yrs Old)

There’s a lot of great dunks in the vid but the shocker is at the end when J-Kills kills a 360 between the legs dunk.

One of the most interesting changed perceptions in the dunk world over the past 20 years has been what is considered “short” when it comes to dunking.  Anything under 6’0″ will always be considered short but with 5’10” guys on YouTube and Sprite Showdown tour throwing down between the legs dunks over people the standards have changed on being known as a “good short dunker.”  Giulio in this vid is 6’4, and many younger people won’t throw him in the little guy category but in the 90s guys like Robert Pack (6’2), Baron Davis (6’3), Steve Francis (6’3) and  John Starks (6’3) were all considered “little guys.”


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