Dunk Greats: Derek Anderson Destroying A lot of Big Men


I miss Derek Anderson: the NBA & NCAA champion from Kentucky who was posterizing NBA centers on a normal basis during his early days in the league.

Unfortunately, most of my favorite dunks are still on VHS tapes I don’t feel like looking through and capping right now but I did find a few good examples of why I wanted posters of his posters on my wall in the late 90s.

Enjoy and happy birthday to Derek.


Here’s one dunk from my VHS collection.

Here’s a very similar looking dunk but this time it’s on Vin Baker.

Here’s his first memorable dunk back from his college days.

Here’s a mix from the legendary mixmaker Yinka Dare, which includes his monster dunk on Mutombo.

And here’s his Slam of Da Month from an old issue of Slam Mag.