Dunkathon at the Rockets/Nuggets game – McGee, Faried & James Anderson’s facial

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Depending on what team you like more, the play of the game will either be Terrence Jone’s block on Corey Brewer that lead to an And-1 facial on Evan Fournier or Iggy’s fancy dribbling that lead to an alley-oop dunk by Kenneth Faried.  I’m in Houston but  unbiased, not paid by the Nuggets and preferred the Rockets dunk but as you can tell from the over-the-top commentary in the video above the commentators are in Denver, biased, paid by the Nuggets and preferred the video below.

The 18 point victory by the Nuggets stretched Denver’s home winning streak to 20, matching a team record.  Evan Fournier scored 17 points and Andre Iguodala had a monster double double with 18 points and 14 assists.  1 of those spectacular 14 can be seen in the following video.

[youtube id=”SHSmQY8ting” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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