Dunking at Venice Beach can be a beautiful thing

Photo credit to: VeniceBall & Chris Staples

There’s two types of eye candy I love at Venice Beach.  The obvious #1 is the beautiful women and the not so obvious #2 is the often breath taking basketball action that goes down at the VBL.  On Venice Beach, it’s just as common to see somebody get their ankles broken or get posterized by a dunker like Kwame Alexander as it is to see a poster worthy swimsuit model and sometimes you can get lucky and see both of them at the same time like when Rachel DeMita is playing ball


or when internationally known dunk phenom, Harlem Globetrotter and Sprite Showdown finalist Chris Staples uses a girl in a bikini as a dunk prop.  I’ll admit watching Young Hollywood do a between the legs dunk over Blake Griffin and Shawn Kemp was impressive and cool but as far as pure visuals goes, Staples dunks has those dunks beat in the eye candy department.



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