Dunks of the Day: Chris Staples does 4 360 between the legs dunks in 1 minute

[youtube id="CA2lvYi9qe8" width="600" height="350"]
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In 90's rap we had "Studio Gangsters" and today's dunk world we have the term "Internet Dunkers."   Internet dunkers are "high flyers" that put out dunk mixes on YouTube that spoil online audiences by leading them to believe that dunkers should be able to pull off these dunks with regularity on a regulation 10 foot goal.  What happens is these online audiences watch and then hate most dunk contests that they watch live afterwards especially the NBA dunk contest because the participants struggle to make those dunks that they saw with a million views.  Guess what, some of those dunkers with a million views also need a million tries to pull off those dunks.

One dunker that isn't afraid to show raw footage on the web and walk on a big stage to perform is the Harlem Globetrotter Chris "HoopStar" Staples.  Chris shocked us during this year's NBA All-Star weekend when he seemed to have come out of nowhere playing for LeBron's team in the Uncontainable game.  Despite what some companies think, impressive dunkers aren't growing on trees and dunking in some middle of nowhere gym waiting to be discovered like Neon Boudeaux. So it's a real shocker when we come across a legit dunker that isn't 16 years old.  Chris is far from 16 and he's also far past the legit title.  He's ready to show the world that he belongs with the premier dunkers to compete for the title of best dunker in the world.

The Saginaw native is heading to Charlotte to compete in a big dunk contest this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing prove that his online dunks can be done offline just as easily.  If you have any doubt, just check out this video of him doing FOUR 36o between the legs dunks in 1 minute.

[youtube id="WvU-aRDhM94" width="600" height="350"]


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