Dunks of the Day: Los vs Kenny Dobbs at San Fran dunk contest

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Darryl Dawkins

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Bet on Los!  You don’t hear his name mentioned as often as the Kenny Dobbs when it comes to best dunkers ever but he’s a dunk “winner.”

4 years ago, he was hand selected by LeBron James to compete at All-Star weekend in Dallas at a Sprite dunk contest judged by himself and Drake.  Los was the runner-up to Air Up There for that event but being 2nd to Air Up There in a dunk contest is the equivalent winning almost any other dunk contest by a landslide.   Although Los walked away from the event without 10 grand in his hand, his performance was a good enough audition to land him a gig as the contest’s All-Star judge for the next two years.

He didn’t return as a judge the following year so he returned as a competitor and won the San Francisco Sprite dunk contest.  This past weekend, Los looked to repeat with back-to-back wins in San Fran but had to face off against one of the world’s best and most known dunkers – Kenny Dobbs.

1 hour later, Los was standing next to his ex co judge Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins holding another check from Sprite.  Like I said, Bet on Los!

Check out our 1st mix of Los back in 2009.

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[youtube id=”fayiZbe992A” width=”600″ height=”350″]

More Kenny Dobbs

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[youtube id=”OzTNc4kPQ-4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

[youtube id=”Mu0ou9oeF5E” width=”600″ height=”350″]



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