Kevin Durant poses with Muhammad Ali

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Kevin Durant

Muhammad Ali is arguably “the greatest” and “one of the most overrated” boxers of all-time. He’s often called “overrated” because of the amount of losses (5 official) and controversial fights in the ring.  He’s often called “the greatest” by others because of how he did things in the ring and everything he did outside of it….and because he called himself the greatest.

Regardless of how great or overrated you think he his, everybody will agree that he’s a legend and one of the biggest sports icons ever and probably the one athlete that every other athlete wants to meet and is even in awe in when they do meet. Add Kevin Durant to the list of athletes in awe and recently he was lucky enough to meet with Ali and, as far as I know, become the first athlete to post a pic with Ali on Instagram.




2009 NBA All-Star Game






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