Justin Bieber posts a pic of himself with a suicidal looking Kevin Durant | JB throws alley-oop to KD at 2011 Luda Basketball GM

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Tyson Chandler Kevin Durant

I stuck up for Justin Bieber for a lot of years and not just because I have two daughters that have made me buy everything from JB books to a JB electronic toothbrush that plays “Baby” when you are brushing.  But..over the past couple of years, I can’t think of a celeb that annoys me more than this immature brat that continues to do dumber TMZ worthy things as  his style continues to morph into a Vanilla Ice meets Marky Mark look.

Yesterday, on Instagram, he posted a shirtless pic of himself, hat on backwards and CK underwear showing, with Tyson Chandler and a “please shoot me” looking Kevin Durant and wrote “Chillin with the boys at home.”

The only thing funnier than KD’s expression is some of the comments posted to the pic that has over 772k likes (it will probably be double that when you read this).

OMG, look at the muscles of Justin .. How beautiful<3

im seriously looking at your abs the whole time..

Please unblock me justin!!!!!

Back in 2011, Justin Bieber actually played basketball and connected with Kevin Durant on a couple of alley-oops during the Ludacris basketball event held at Morehouse College. That was when I was willing to stick up for Bieber and that stupid toothbrush in my daughter’s bathroom.

[youtube id=”uV8hMUjonCY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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