2007: Kevin Durant Pre-Draft Workout for Portland

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Kevin Durant Greg Oden

Sam Bowie still unfairly gets tagged as the biggest bust ever just because he was drafted by the Blazers before Michael Jordan.  What many people don’t know is the Bulls didn’t even want Michel Jordan. What should be the unanimous biggest bust ever is current Miami Heat player Greg Oden, who was drafted before Kevin Durant in the 2007 NBA Draft.

Hooped Up Online  dug up this video gem, showing a humble-sounding Durant working out with the Blazers and talking about the players that he patterns his game after like McGrady, KG and Dirk (it was nice hearing the young KD say he’s not as good as Dirk).

Also interesting was hearing him say he hopes whatever shoe company he signs with will make affordable shoes…well you can pick up the Toddler version of the KD VI for less than $50.

If watching that video wasn’t painful enough for Blazers fans, then enjoy the following video I made back in 2009.

Ballislife | Greg Oden Pick Me


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