Kevin Durant scores 48/7/7 & the game winner vs Kevin Love & The Wolves

“I just hear a lot of stuff and I just wanted to come through for my team in the fourth quarter,” – Durant

Ignore the first 47 minutes of the game for now.  We will start from the ending to appreciate the greatness of Kevin Durant.

Durant stood at half court with 10 seconds left in the game and 7 seconds left on the shot clock as if he was waiting  for Dante Cunningham to give him the OK signal that he was ready to try to stop KD.  Durant dribbled left, then right, then left like a boxer before delivering a knockout punch in the form of a fade-away 18 footer over Cunningham.


The Thunder were up by 2 and the game should have ended at 1113-111 but the basketball Gods wanted to pound a point in so they allowed Kevin Love to go the free throw line and shoot 3 free throws with 2.2 seconds.  The math was simple.  Make 2 and it’s probably OT.  Make 3 and it’s probably dinner at Sizzlers. Love missed the first…then the 2nd…and intentionally missed the 3rd but unfortunately missed everything including the rim which is a violation.

It happens to the best of the players,” said T’Wolves coach Rick Adelman

It does happen to the best of them but there’s no pill to swallow to make this loss any harder to accept.  Durant then went to line to show how it’s done and calmly iced two free throws to make the final score 115-111 and give himself his 47th and 48th point of the game.  It was also his 22nd and 23rd point of the quarter.  A quarter where Durant made 7 field goals, 4 of them being 3 pointers.  A quarter that actually saw Durant and the Thunder losing 77-90 before Kevin Durant showed why he’s the most dangerous offensive threat in the NBA and scored 13 points during a 14-2 run.


To show some love for Kevin Love, Kevin L did walk away the L but he was great overall playing the entire 2nd half and finishing with 30 points 14 rebounds 5 assists 5 3-pointers and 2 steals.

To show more love for Kevin D who had 32 points in the second half , his 48 point total and 23 point 4th quarter are both season highs by him and the most by any player this season.  His complete stat line of 48-7-7-2-1 was also the most by any player since LeBron James did it back in in 2011. 

Not too bad for a guy who struggled to make a shot in the first half.




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