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Congrats to Kevin Durant and WNBA player Monica Wright for getting engaged this past week.  The two pro players have known each other since the 2006 McDonalds All-American game and were able to keep their relationship pretty hush hush.

He did post a tweet a couple of years ago about needing a girlfriend and mentioning the name Monica Wright but most people just assumed he was talking about the Sanaa Lathan character in the 2000 film “Love & Basketball” not the WNBA player of the same name.


I’m glad to see Monica get a ring and hopefully Durant will recieve on in the near future too.  In the meantime, the two pro players can attempt to produce the most gifted basketball player of all-time (Candace Parker & Sheldon Williams are also participating in this WNBA/NBA genes experiment).


via the DC Sports Bog via USA Today


Minnesota Lynx 2013 Media Day


It’s just a joke KD…

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