Dwight Howard buys $20million mansion…with a personal check!

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Dwight Howard

 So, Dwight Howard just purchased a home in LA, for nearly $20M……and wrote a check for the house. #Boss #Lakers
— Mike Gabriel (@MikedupRadiocom)

I’ve been jealous of  friends that have walked into a dealership and wrote a $30k check for a car.  Hearing that Dwight Howard just wrote a check for $20 million is mind boggling to people like me or players like Eddie Curry (you might have to Google this one). Just thinking about the size of this house should be reason enough for MTV to bring back Cribs … or how about Ballislife Present Cribz with a “Z” so we don’t get sued.

The house is in Newport Beach which is also where Kobe Bryant lives when Vanessa lets him stay at the house.

Pictured above is Dwight’s house in Orlando not a part of Disney in Orlando.  It goes on sale next week and i’m pretty sure Al Harrington wont be purchasing it.

I would purchase it but  “See, cuz, the way my bank account is set up I got a checking and a savings and all the money’s in…



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