Dwight Howard Challenges Lakers Fan To Fight After Being Called A B****

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Dwight Howard

You would think Dwight Howard would be able to just ignore hecklers, especially in LA, by now.  After Sunday’s loss to the Lakers, Howard challenged a heckling fan to “come back here and say it” after being called a “b****h.”  Security pushed Howard into the tunnel as the fans continued to laugh and tease Howard.

After the game, the Lakers Lou Williams defended his fellow Atlanta native.

“He’s not a villain,” said Lou Williams about Dwight Howard, who had 19 points and 9 rebounds. “I think that’s just fans. When things don’t pan out the way you want them to, especially with the caliber of his talent, fans are going to try to find something to hold onto.”

The interaction is reminiscent of this 2015 video of Dwight telling a Clippers fan to “come out here” after the fan told Dwight, “don’t cry.”

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Dwight Howard threatening me.

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Both of the videos also reminded me of some past comments by other members of the Dwight Howard fan club, including Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.