Dwight Howard Didn’t Hold Back While Exchanging Body Punches With Female Fighter

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Did Dwight Howard really punch a woman in the stomach? He did but that woman is a UFC boxing coach Ann “The Animal” Najjar and she looks like she could take a punch and beat the $#it out of half of the players in today’s NBA — where players get fined and suspended for stare downs and “hold me back” altercations.

According to TMZ sports, Najjar challenged the new Hornets center during a training session at the UFC Gym in San Diego last week. He accepted the challenge and punched her like he probably wanted to punch Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant in these throwback vids.

Throw in Ronnie and the NBA2K people (minus Rachel DeMita) for giving him a 2K18 rating of 81, which isn’t good enough to be considered a top 10 center. I’m not saying he’s going to play great enough in Charlotte to get his rating back to a 95, like it was in 2013, but, I do think this is going to be a rebound season for the former 8 x All-Star and 5 x rebounding leader.


Look who came in today @dwighthoward … he’s almost as cool as me.

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