Dwight Howard dunks, dunks & dunks all over the Spurs for 32 points

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Dwight Howard

Describing Dwight’s performance last night is like Tarantino explaining Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” in the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs.

“I’m talking morning, day, night, afternoon, d**k, d**k, d**k, d**k, d**k.” Then somebody says “how many d**ks was that” and Harvey Kietal says “A lot!”

During last night’s resting of the Spurs, Dwight was good for a point a minute with dunks, dunks, dunks, dunks, dunks and dunks. How many dunks?  A lot!

Howard finished the game with a lot of points too. 32 points and 16 rebounds in 33 minutes and 20 and 12 just in the first half.