Dwight Howard Finally Funny! Goes off on girl on Twitter

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Dwight Howard


Dwight Howard’s sense of humor is often a deal breaking or making factor in whether we love or hate him. For one  bitter Twitter female, with the fitting handle of @uHateBre, that felt the need to say something stupid directly to a person she has never met or will probably never serve a second of importance to, Dwight delivered one of his funniest comments ever when she wrote “u aint never getting a ring.”

His response to her silly comment and looks generated over 16k retweets and 11k favorites which caused Bre to go on a 24 hour Twitter rant with tons of ridiculous tweets about Dwight, his baby mommas and his team.  Here’s my favorite.

That informational tweet was followed up by this one

But don’t feel bad for Brittini, Rick Fox said he has extra ring she can have.

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