Dwight Howard wants to shoot 80% from the FT line this season…with his eyes closed

People either love or hate Dwight Howard’s “comedy act” but everybody agreed it was funny when Dwight said one of his goals this season is to shoot 75-80 percent from the free throw line.  Anything is possible but considering he’s a career 57% shooter that has dropped his last couple of seasons to under 50% it seems very unlikely.  More unlikely from a guy that is semi joking that he might shoot them with his eyes closed.

“There is a guy who has the world record for most free throws made and he told me to do that drill and its good for trusting your form,” Howard said. “You can’t see nothing, so you have to trust your form and trust that it goes in.”

According to the Houston Chron, Howard and James Harden had a blind FT shootout after practice and Howard hit 8 of 10.

“I might have to start doing my eyes closed 8-10 in games,” Howard said. “I have a good percentage. I am 8 for 10 with my eyes closed.”

The Chron also took a poll asking online viewers if he should shoot them with his eyes closed and 74% said “Yes, It couldn’t hurt. He shot 49% with his eyes open last season.”

As long as he doesn’t try to shoot them with his left hand. He had a free throw shootout with a “house wife” earlier in the year and didn’t do too well in that contest.

Let’s let MJ show Dwight how to hit free throws with his eyes closed in a game. As far as I know, he made 100% of his eyes closed free throws.

Back to Dwight…



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