Dwight Howard goes 3 for 3 from behind the corner 3 point line | Take that Bynum

Bynum isn’t in LA anymore to take dumb three point shots. Mike Brown isn’t here anymore to yell at Dwight Howard for taking Bynum’s spot but during shoot around, Dwight looked pretty good from behind the line.  Watch him go 3 for 3 and then watch him prank call Bynum below.

FYI: Dwight Howard is 1 for 33 from downtown in games.  Andrew Bynum is 1 for 9 (0-4 for his first six years in the league and 1-5 last year)

I also would love to know what type of phone/camera did this guy use. Why the hell is the audio so loud and video so bad?  Or was he sitting in front of an arena speaker?




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