Dwight Howard put on a huge fireworks show in Houston

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Dwight Howard

I usually take my kids to Constellation Field (this is where T-Mac’s baseball team plays) or the Kemah Boardwalk to celebrate the 4th of July in Houston but from the looks of Dwight Howard’s Instagram page, his house was the place to be in Houston for a fireworks show.

But of course when you are a celebrity, angry/jealous/immature people with no life beyond a social media one, will troll you and try to rain on your parade (as if we needed more rain in Houston last night) when you are just trying to share some joy.

Here’s a comment from a Inkedupkidd21 on one of Dwight’s firecracker vids.

Ur a piece of shit… U will never get a championship with dem weak ass rockets.. U think u ain’t getting the ball with James harden.. You really ain’t going to get the ball if melo joins the rockets…#lakers4life

Here’s a reply

Wow cant you say happy 4th to him instead of going on HIS ACCOUNT and calling him a piece of shit…. Really grow up f**… F*ck you and your lakers… Happy 4th lol @inkedupkidd21@dwighthoward

Well, I guess firecrackers weren’t the only things ready to explode last night

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