Dwight Howard Willing To Sit Out Season If Not Traded By The Magic | NBA Holdouts

UPDATE: Dwight is supposedly ok with going to the Lakers and will sign a long term extension if traded to LA.  Source: RealGM.com - Jarrod Rudolph

"A source close to Dwight Howard tells me that Dwight is fully prepared to sit out the entire 2012-13 season in Orlando."
-Jordan Schultz

A lot of people thought KG and a few other players were crazy for saying they were willing to sit out last season during the lockout but they had a good reason.  Now Dwight Howard, if true, saying he's willing to sit out the season rather than play with the team that drafted him and treated him like a God for the past eight years is just f****d up!

I expect the Magic to eventually trade the baby in the near future but if he doesn't and Dwight wants to sit out I can see David Stern stepping in.

In 1994, #1 draft pick Glenn Robinson, wanting to become a $100 million man, missed part of training camp until he ended up signing the richest NBA contract in history because the rookie salary cap was introduced the next year.  A couple years before that, Alonzo Mourning (I went to the Magic/Hornets game which should have been the 1st meeting between Shaq & Zo but no Zo) and Jimmy Jackson (Mavs) both had contract disputes that made them miss games.  The solo J of the future 3 J's only played 28 games his rookie season.


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